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SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is one of the largest functional module in SAP.Sales and Distribution (SD) is one of the core and most-used modules of SAP R/3 products beside Financial (FI), Controlling (CO), Material Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP) modules. SAP SD is an important module in SAP. Professionals who are looking to master the SAP application in sales and distribution should go for SAP SD training & certification course. It instructs on the sales, stocks, material, vendor, customer master data and much more. Here are some of the leading training institutes which deliver training by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Most commonly used end user transactions are covered in the SAP SD modules. You will learn about how to configure and customize SD as well as the real time scenarios, landscapes and project lifecycles in SAP SD. After attending SAP SD online and classroom courses students will become proficient in the SAP sales and distribution module. It is a comprehensive training course which will teach you everything that you need to know about SAP SD.

Module List


SAP SD Course Details

    • Customer Master and Material Master Data
    • Create Customer Master
    • Create Customer Number Range for Sales and Assign to Customer Account Groups
    • How to Create Partner Function
    • How to Create Material Stock
    • How to Create Customer Material Info Record
    • How to get Overview of Material Stock
    • Create Material Master for Sales View

    • Overview of Sales Activities
    • How to Create Inquiry
    • How to Create Quotation
    • How to Create Sales Order
    • How to Create Debit Memo
    • How to Create Credit Memo
    • How to Create Sales Document Type
    • All about Sales Document (header/item/schedule)
    • Text Determination for sales document header/item
    • What is Schedule Line Category and how to define it
    • How to create Item Proposal
    • All About Material Exclusion & Inclusion (Listing)

    • How to Determine Shipping Point
    • How to Create Picking, Packing and PGI
    • Returns, Free of Charge Delivery, Sub-sequent Delivery
    • All About Consignment Process
    • Output proposal using the condition technique
    • Substituting Reason

    • How to Create Bill of Materials
    • How to Correct Invoice
    • How to Define Item Category
    • Steps To Create Blocking Reason

    • Determine Pricing by Item Category
    • All About Tax Determination Procedure
    • All About Text Type
    • Item Category Determination
    • All About Condition Exclusion Group
    • Accounting Key

    All professionals with Sales, Plant management and CRM background must attend the SAP SD training. Also, end users, IT/Business analysts and SAP consultants will find it helpful in advancing their careers. Project team members and managers who handle sales and distribution responsibilities in their organization are also ideal participants for SAL SD training & certification.

    • General understanding of logistics terms, concepts and process
    • Basic SAP skills

    • SAP PP (Production Planning)
    • SAP MM (Material Management)

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    The SD module is an application module for supply-chain and operational performance management, and provides support to customers. This module is integrated with the Material Management (MM) and Production Planning (PP) functional modules. It also allows organizations to input sales price of products for customers and check for open orders. In short SAP SD consists of all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the Order to Cash process.

    • Sales support
    • Master Data
    • Shipping
    • Sales
    • Credit Management
    • Foreign Trade
    • Billing
    • Transportation
    • Sales Information System

    • Inquiries & Quotes
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales returns
    • Consignment
    • Contracts & Scheduling Agreement
    • Credit and Debit Memo requests
    • Rush Orders and Cash Sales
    • Back Orders and Subsequent Deliveries

    Enquiries Quotations Sales Order MRP Production Delivery Invoicing

    SAP SD functional consultant supports clients in the selection, implementation and support of SAP SD module. He/she has to define business process requirements and it includes areas such as sales document management, shipping, pricing, billing, order management and integrated flows of MM and FICO. The role uses consulting skills, business knowledge and SAP SD expertise to effectively integrate and apply SAP technology into the client’s business environment in order to achieve clients expected business results.