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SAP SCM training course is specifically designed for those who are interested in getting an overview of the main processes included in SAP's Supply Chain Management like Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Management. Participants will gain a strong understanding of Supply Chain Management in SAP including terminology, processes, functionality, and integration. The course will prepare the participants for additional levels of training. Real-time training and placement is offered by the institutes. There are basic introductory to advanced high-level SAP SCM courses available through online and classroom training modules. SAP SCM training curriculum is designed as per the most recent industry requirements. Supply Network Planning Heuristic, SNP Run using Capable, SNP Configuration, Master Data and Transaction Data in SNP, Demand Planning, Interactive Planning and Safety Stock Planning are the various topics covered in the course.

Module List

  • Concept and Objectives Training
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Systems and Architectures Training
  • Supply Chain Planning Tools
  • Business Information Warehouse
  • Supply Chain Projects Training
  • Procedures
  • Consumer Goods and Commerce
  • Logistics Services

SAP SCM Course Details

    •  Introduction to Forecast, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Processing
    • SCM Master Data
    • Forecasting
    • Demand
    • Order to Ship Process
    • Procure to Receipt Process
    • Demand to Manufacture Process
    • Demand Management
    • Material Requirement Planning
    • Production Execution
    • Integration in SAP SCM
    • Integrated SCM Master Data
    • Modeling in mySAP SCM
    • Integrating Transactional Data
    • Demand Planning Configuration
    • Interactive Planning
    • SNP Configuration
    • The Supply Network Planning Heuristics
    • SNP Run Using Capable to Match
    • Safety Stock Planning
    • Inter-changeability

    Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

    • Explain the Integration between the Forecast, Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Processes
    • Understand and apply the concept of Master Data as it pertains to SD, MM, and PP
    • Discuss and apply Forecasting for procured material, manufactured material and customers
    • Discuss Demand in terms of forecasts, independent requirements
      • Make-to-Order
      • Make-to-Stock
      • Unplanned Demand
      • MRP
    • Explain the overall process flow for Order to Ship, Procure to Receipt and Demand to Manufacture
    • Discuss the Integration of Materials Requirement Planning with the Sales, Procurement, and Manufacturing Processes
    • Discuss the Integration between core SAP (ECC) and the MySCM (APO) planning tool

    Project team members, consultants and users who want to get an in-depth understanding of SAP’s Supply Chain Management functionality should attend this course.

    A basic understanding of the non-technical aspects of SAP as well as knowledge of the supply chain management is required.

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    •  SAP APO 4.1 (Advanced Planning and Optimization)
    • SAP ICH 4.1 (Inventory Collaboration Hub)
    • SAP EM 4.1 (Event Management) 

    SAP SCM 4.1 is based on the SAP Web Application Server 6.40.

    SAP SCM is a complete solution that covers supply chain networking, supply chain planning, supply chain coordination, and SCE (Supply Chain Execution). It includes a collection of planning applications related to Advanced Planning, Optimization, Scheduling and Integration with other SAP execution applications.