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SAP PP stands for Production Planning. SAP Production coming up with certified professional’s are in nice demand. The SAP PP online training has provided the organizations a way to forecast the future of sales and plan production in a parallel fashion.

This course is intended for current or future project members of SAP implementations. This course provides the basis related to all the modules and allows the team members to interact confidently with the implementation team and play a major role in design decisions.

​This course is also intended for the current SCM consultants who have good experience in Supply chain side and have been involved in SAP implementations as Logistics/Supply chain / Technical consultants.

Module List

  • SAP Overview
  • Master Data
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Demand Management
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Production Order Execution
  • Repetitive Manufacturing
  • PP-PI
  • Batch Management
  • Important configuration

SAP PP Course Details

    • SAP Overview
    • Manufacturing Planning and Execution for Discrete and Repetitive
    • Classification – basic functionality and object dependencies
    • Variant configuration
    • Material Masters, Bill of Material, Integration and Routings
    • Basic Data
    • BOM management and reporting functions
    • Work scheduling and Engineering Workbench
    • Production Planning
    • Demand Management
    • MRP Run
    • Processing MRP Results
    • Long-term planning
    • Product Cost Planning
    • Repetitive Manufacturing
    • Production Orders
    • Mass processing and automation
    • Logistics Information System

    All those who are interested in building a career as SAP Production Planning Functional Analyst or consultant should attend this training course. Even end users of SAP PP will find this course very useful.

    Students should have a good understanding of business processes related to production planning, manufacturing, sales & shipping, material management, plant and production management.

    •  SAP MM
    • SAP FM

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    PP stands for production planning for discrete industries where the output is definitely fixed at the time of confirmation. PP-PI stands for production planning for process industries, commonly chemical industries, where the yield is not fixed due to the chemical reactions involved.

    •  Make-to-stock
    • Make-to-order
    • Subcontracting
    • Rework processing
    • Production in another plant

    BOM stands for Bill of Material which is a structured list of components that are required for making a product or an assembly. Various categories of BOM are as following:

    • Equipment BOM
    • Material BOM
    • Sales Order BOM
    • Document Structure
    • Functional Location BOM
    • WBS BOM

    • PP-BD Basic Data
    • PP-SOP Sales and Operations Planning
    • PP-MP Master Planning
    • PP-CRP Capacity Requirements Planning
    • PP-MRP Materials Requirements Planning
    • PP-SFC Production Orders
    • PP-KAN Kanban
    • PP-REM Repetitive Manufacturing
    • PP-PI Production Planning for Process Industries
    • PP-PDS Plant Data Collection
    • PP-IS Information Systems

    • CO Controlling
    • FI Financial Accounting
    • MM Materials Management
    • SD Sales and Distribution
    • PS Project Systems
    • PD Personnel Planning and Development