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SAP MM is the Materials Management module of the SAP ERP software package from SAP AG that is used for Procurement Handling and Inventory Management.SAP Materials management covers all tasks within the supply chain, including consumption-based planning, planning, vendor evaluation and invoice verification.

SAP Material Management (MM) focuses on various modules corresponding to material management in an organization. It is one of the modules that come under SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to serve for business areas of an organization. As a part of procurement activity, SAP MM manages Logistics area of an organization. Project Systems, Warehouse Management, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution and Plant Maintenance are the important modules covered by SAP MM.

SAP MM is the backbone of Logistics area of an organization. Therefore, Material Management concentrates on all aspects of logistics area such as control, planning etc.

Module List

  • Introduction to ERP
  • SAP Navigation
  • Purchasing
  • Outline Agreement
  • Document Types for Purchasing Documents
  • Release Procedure for Purchasing Documents
  • Pricing Procedure
  • External Service Management
  • Optimized Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Physical Inventory
  • Special Stocks and Special Procurement Types
  • Valuation and Account Determination
  • Invoice Verification
  • Integration Concepts
  • FI- Controlling (Cost Center, Cost Element)

SAP MM Course Details

    • SAP Overview
    • SAP Master Data including material master, vendor master, purchasing info record, contract and scheduling agreement
    • SAP Business Processes such as Quotation for Procurement, Consumable Purchasing, Stock Handling Scrap and Blocked Stock, Procurement Contract, Stock Transfer with Delivery and without Delivery and Return to Vendor
    • Release Procedure including With classification and Without classification
    • Specific procurement process including Invoicing plan, Blanket PO’s and Subcontracting
    • Organizational levels in MM
    • Master data for MM including Settings for Material types, Field selection control, Configuring material master and Vendor master record
    • Valuation and Account Assignment
    • Purchasing
    • Inventory management
    • Materials Requirement Planning
    • Introduction to Inventory management
    • Goods Receipt
    • Stock transfers
    • Reservations
    • Goods Issue
    • Special Stocks
    • Material types UNBW, NLAG
    • Procurement of Stock material
    • Procurement of consumable material
    • Procurement of External Services
    • Invoice verification
    • Variances and Invoice Blocks
    • Subsequent debit/credit
    • Delivery costs
    • Credit memos and reversals

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    Material Management is a SAP functional module used for procurement handling and inventory management. It deals with the Procurement Process, Master Data (Material & Vendor Master), Inventory Management, Valuation of Material & Account Determination, Material Requirement Planning, Invoice Verification etc.

    • Sales and Distribution (SD)
    • Production Planning (PP)
    • Quality Management (QM)

    Material and Vendor

    • Client
    • Company code
    • Plant
    • Storage location
    • Purchase organization

    • Materials Management
    • Plant maintenance
    • Quality Management
    • Production planning and control
    • Project management system

    Subcontracting, consignment, pipeline, project, sales order, RTP, stock transfer and third party.

    • Standard
    • Consignment
    • Subcontracting
    • Pipeline