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SAP HR (Human Resource management) also known as “Human Capital Management” (HCM) and it is animportant module in ERP SAP systems that supports all the process of human resource management in the enterprise. SAP HR training course teaches the most common end user functions in SAP's Human Resources. You will learn how to work with positions, jobs and organizational units; work with standard HR transactions such as hire, retire, promote, salary raise etc. and understand important reports such as headcount reports, salary reports, etc. SAP HR is also known as SAP Human Capital Management (HCM). SAP HR certification classes consist of important sub-modules like Personnel Administration (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Time and Payroll each of these will be discussed in detail during the course.

Module List

  • Introduction of SAP HR/HCM
  • Structure Personnel
  • Structure Personnel Administration
  • Organization Management
  • Recruitment
  • Maintaining of Master Data (PA)
  • Time management
  • Payroll management
  • Benefits
  • Personnel development

SAP HR\HCM Course Details

    • Overview
    • Recruitment and Personnel Development
    • Employee Benefits and Cost Management
    • Time Management, Payroll and Travel
    • Information Display and Reporting
    • Configuring an Organizational Structure
    • Configuring Positions
    • Executing a Personnel Action
    • Using the Implementation Guide (IMG)
    • Establishing the Enterprise Structure
    • Additional Organizational Assignments
    • Using Features
    • Understanding Planned Working Time Connection to Basic Pay
    • Defining Pay scale Structures
    • Defining Wage Types
    • Performing Pay e-classification and Pay increases
    • Confirming the new master data configuration
    • ESS & MSS
    • ODBC
    • DB13
    • SE38
    • SE13
    • Configuration with FICO, SD and MM.
    • Reporting objects

    Any graduate who is interested to learn and get into SAP HR Field, Decision Makers/ Management, Project Team members and HCM consultants.

    Familiarity with SAP GUI is a plus. An introductory knowledge of SAP is helpful.

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    • Recruitment -Personnel Administration
    • Organization Management
    • Personnel Development
    • Training and Event Management
    • Compensation Management
    • Personnel Time Management
    • Payroll
    • MSS - Manager Self Service
    • ESS - Employee Self Service

    Following are three structures in SAP HR.

    • Enterprise Structure
    • Personnel Structure
    • Organizational Structure

    Info-types are used to store all relevant HR data of employees in an organization. It is represented by a ‘4’ digit number. For e.g. 0000, 2001, 1002 Info-type is a collection of logical or business related characteristics of an object. Info-types are also called information types to enter rational related information for an employee. For e.g. Personnel data (0002) info-type have fields like title, first name, middle, last name, birth date, language etc.

    • Legacy Process Understanding.
    • Identifying the Gaps and Solution Design - GAP analysis & Solution Design
    • Requirement Gathering
    • Business blue print Preparation
    • Writing functional specifications
    • Configuration & customisation
    • Testing
    • End user manual preparation and End user training
    • Go live cut over activities
    • Post Go live Support

    ASAP is SAP’s standard implementation methodology. Phases in SAP Implementation Methodology

    • Phase 1: Project Planning
    • Phase 2: Blueprinting
    • Phase 3: Realization
    • Phase 4: Final Preparation
    • Phase 5: Go Live