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A Sales force Administrator is a business leader, deeply knowledgeable about how their company operates, Sales force Admin Course is developed to make us learn and became master in the sales force administration and App-Builder platform.

Almost all the tech companies are taking much priority to maintain their CRM in every aspect. Now CRM Management is the business’s single most important goal – satisfying your customers. A highly effective customer relationship management system will encompass and enhance all aspects of customer interface, from sales and marketing to customer service, existing client relationships become stronger and new client relationships evolve more quickly – all core requirements of business success. Salesforce is a global industry leader whose expertise in client relationship management is peerless.

Our salesforce Administration Certification training program is specially developed by the salesforce CRM experts for the students and existing IT professionals who are enthusiastic to learn and develop their career into salesforce.
With our tailored Salesforce-Admin training delivered by certified SAP mentors and trainers, you will be able to master Salesforce App Builder, Apex Language, Visualforce, Force.com platforms.

Module List

  • Identity Confirmation
  • Customization
  • Security & Access
  • Workflow
  • Approval Process
  • Data Validation
  • Data Utilities
  • Analytics
  • The App exchange
  • Extending Sales force CRM


    • What is Cloud Computing
    • Service and Deployment models in the Cloud
    • Market situation
    • Cloud Ownership
    • Introduction to SF1 and Force.com Platform
    • Declarative & Programmatic Options in Force.com
    • Meta-data Driven Architecture
    • Multi-tenant Architecture
    • Business and IT benefits
    • Use of SF1

    • Sign-up for a Free Environment / Org
    • Adding company logo
    • Benefits of the System overview
    • Salesforce Key Building Blocks
    • Editions and Different Environments Available
    • MVC Pattern

    • Create Custom Objects and understand various properties in the Object definition section
    • Customize standard objects
    • Field and Data Types
    • Custom Field Prosperities
    • Field Dependencies
    • Types of Relationship Fields
    • Search Layouts

    • Security Model Mind Map
    • System-Level or Org Level Security
    • User Administration and Troubleshooting
    • Permission Sets
    • Profile and Permissions Sets
    • Password Policy
    • IP Address security
    • Login hours
    • Session settings
    • Activations
    • Page layout assignment
    • Tab setting
    • Field level security

    • Security Model Mind Map
    • Record Level and Object Level
    • Organization-wide defaults
    • Organization-wide defaults – Student App
    • Role and Role Hierarchy
    • Criteria Based Sharing
    • Different ways to gain Record Level Access
    • Public Group
    • Queue
    • Public group Vs Queue

    • Business Logic Mind Map
    • Different Options to Implement Business Logic
    • Functions
    • Formula
    • Validation Rules
    • Rollup Summary Fields
    • Record Types and Page Layouts

    • Business Process Automation
    • Business Requirements – Workflow Rules
    • Workflow – Actions (Time When Action Takes Place)
    • Workflow – Actions
    • Workflow – Considerations
    • Approvals – Introduction
    • Approvals – How to Create A Process
    • Approvals – Actions
    • Approvals – How and What Can Approvers Do

    • Sales Cloud
    • Sales Process
    • Sales Productivity Features
    • Lead Management
    • Lead auto-response
    • Lead assignment
    • Web to lead
    • Accounts and Contacts Management
    • Opportunities
    • Campaign Management
    • Price Book, Products, Price Book Entries

    • Data Handling and Processing Overview
    • Exporting data and Regular Backup
    • External ID and Unique Fields
    • Import
    • Install Apex Data loader
    • Use the Import Wizard and Data Loader and compare the features, Update, Upsert operations,
    • Delete and Hard Delete records,
    • Transfer record ownership
    • Data Handling and Processing
    • Exporting data and Regular Backup
    • Install Apex Data loader
    • Use the Import Wizard and Data Loader and compare the features, Update, Upsert operations,
    • Delete and Hard Delete records,
    • Transfer record ownership


    • Execute a report with and without modifications
    • Create a tabular report, summary and matrix report
    • Report and Security
    • Report Builder and Standard Reports Available
    • Add a chart and a few other features like highlighting
    • Create a custom report type and store in a folder
    • User filters in reports
    • Create a dashboard
    • Bucket field
    • Tabular Report significance
    • Summary report significance
    • Matrix report significance
    • Joined report significance
    • Dynamic dashboard.

    • Outbound Change Sets
    • Inbound Change Sets
    • Deployment Settings

    • Sandboxes
    • Change Sets
    • Packages

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    This course is ideally suited for professionals who are responsible for setting up, configuring and maintaining sales force application in an organization.

    Basic training in SalesForce Administration is considered as the foundation for cloud computing knowledge in a network. Certification would help you to acquire the latest jobs as administrator, developer or consultant.

    Irrespective of your role at the job or the employer, your certification remains valid.

    AMI stands for Amazon Machine Image. It is effectively a snapshot of the root filesystem.

    Salesforce Administrator Certification is provided by Salesforce to recognize the potential Salesforce experts around the world. Following are the wide range of audiences who can get benefited with the help of Salesforce Administrator Certification,

    • Candidates aspiring to create a career in Salesforce
    • System Administrators
    • Sales Operations Professionals
    • IT Managers
    • Product Managers

    • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 60 multiple-choice questions (closed book)
    • Pass Percentage – 65%
    • Registration Fee: $200
    • Retake Fee: $100

    Following are the different certifications provided by Salesforce,

    Certified Salesforce Administrator (ADM 201)

    This test is pure memorization, which means it’s 100% study-able. Don’t bother with the ADM 201 class, save $4,000 and buy yourself a nice gift when you pass!

    Certified Salesforce Developer (DEV 401)

    No knowledge of code required! In my opinion, the easiest cert since it requires the least memorization. Most answers can be solved logically.

    Certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator (ADM 301)

    Extremely similar to the Salesforce Developer Certification, which means by now you’re nearly ready for this test. Don’t wait long after DEV 401 to take this one!

    Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant (CON 201)

    A lot of the material overlaps with the Developer and the Advanced Administrator certification. Take this one ASAP before you forget the material!

    Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant

    I recommend this certification last since it covers material that doesn’t overlap much with the others. Also, only a portion of Salesforce org uses Service Cloud.