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Students will also create, configure, and administer the application server domains and the PeopleSoft batch server. In addition, students will use the monitoring tools to observe, troubleshoot, and tune the PeopleSoft PIA environment.

Oracle's PeopleSoft Benefits Administration enables you to build and manage a comprehensive employee benefits system that is tailored to the particular needs of your organization. Simplify open enrollment and life event maintenance through automated eligibility processing and enhance the employee user experience through self service, whether your needs are commercial or for government employers.

Module List

  • Architecture Overview
  • Security
  • Migration
  • Application Server
  • Process Scheduler
  • Web Server
  • 2-Tier Client


    Introduction to PeopleSoft Architecture

    Creation/ Maintenance of User Profile
    Creation/ Maintenance of Roles
    Creation/ Maintenance of Permission List
    Process Security
    Component Interface Security
    Query Security, Weblibrary Security, PeopleTools Security, Security Audits.

    Project Migration
    Object Migration, File Migration, Security Migration
    Compare Reports
    Project Build
    Record Build.

    Overview of Application Server Domain
    Brief about application Server Processes
    Creation of Application Server Domain, Configuration of Application Server Domain
    Deletion of Application Server Domain
    Domain Testing
    Maintenance of Application Server.

    Overview of Web Server
    Creation of Web Server Domain
    Configuration of Web Server Domain.

    Application Server Level Tracing
    Process Scheduler Level Tracing
    PIA Level Tracing.

    2-tier Client Installation
    Client Configuration

    Installing Tuxedo and Jolt
    Installing the PeopleSoft Environment
    Installing PeopleSoft Databases
    Installing WebServer
    Installing PeopleSoft Internet Architecture
    Application Server Domain Creation
    Batch Server Domain Creation
    Configuring Report Distribution
    Troubleshooting an Implementation.

    Brief about Application Server Tuning
    Brief about Batch Server Tuning.

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


  1. Built-in support for multi-threading, socket communication, and memory management (automatic garbage collection)
  2. Object-Oriented (OO)
  3. Better portability than other languages across operating systems
  4. Supports Web-based applications (Applet, Servlet, and JSP), distributed applications (sockets, RMI, EJB etc) and network protocols (HTTP, JRMP etc) with the help of extensive standardized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

Java platform is a software-only platform, which runs on top of other hardware-based platforms like UNIX, NT etc.
What are the two components of the Java platform?

  1. Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  2. Java Application Programming Interface (Java API)

It increases quality and reduces development time due to re-use of previous work, real mapping to the problem domain and modular architecture

  1. Authentication
  2. Authorization (J2EE declarative & programmatic)
  3. Data Integrity
  4. Confidentiality and privacy