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WORKDAY Core HCM Course Content

    • Overview
    • Core Concepts
    • Business Objects
    • Basic Navigation
    • Additional Navigation Topics
      Activity (Hands on): Search and Navigation

    • Overview
    • Supervisory organizations
    • Reorganization
      Activity: Create location, Reorganization, Supervisory organization.
    • Managing supervisory organizations
      Activity: Create subordinate Supervisory organizations
      Dividing Supervisory organizations
      Assign Superior Organizations
    • Additional Organization types and Organizational Hierarchies
      Activity: Create a company organization
    • Organization Hierarchies
      Activity: Create a cost center and cost center Hierarchies.
      Add location to Location Hierarchy
      Organizational Assignments.

    • Various types of Staffing Models
    • Hiring Restrictions
    • Differentiating staffing models
      Activity: Select and Edit the Staffing model

    • Job profiles
    • Differentiating Jon Profiles, Job families and job family groups
      Activity: Creating a job profile
      Creating positions and jobs
      Activity: Create Positions
      Set hiring restrictions on job management organizations
      Assign position to Assignable roles
    • Managing filled and Unfilled Positions and Jobs

    • Compensation overview
    • Compensation Eligibility Rules
      Activity: Create Compensation rules
      Compensation Grades
      Activity: Create compensation Grade and assign to job profiles
      Set hiring restrictions on job management organizations
      Compensation plans
      Compensation Package
      Activity: Create Compensation Plans and Compensation Package
      : Compensation Rule Assignment
      Compensation Events
      Total Compensation Report
      Compensation Reports

    • Process overview
    • Hire Process
      Activity: Hire into Supervisory Organization

    • Configurable Security
    • Security Groups
      Activity: Security Group Assignments Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies
      Activity: Navigate Functional Areas and View Security for Securable Item : Modify Domain Security Policy : Modify Business Process Security Policy : Hire into Supervisory organization

    • Business Process Frame work
    • Business Process Configuration Options
    • Business Process and sub processes
      Activity: Copy Business Process of Supervisory Organization
      : Edit the Hire of Supervisory Organization
    • Business Process Step Configuration
      Activity: Configure Business Process Steps
      :Create Business Process Notification
    • Rule based Business Process
    • Deploying Business Process

    • Contracting Contingent Workers
      Activity: Contract a contingent Worker
      :Convert a Contingent Worker
    • Staffing movement
    • Switch primary Job
      Activity: Change Job
    • Termination
      Activity: Termination
    • Job Overlap
      Activity: Job Overlap

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training