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This course provides the configuration and administration of IBM Tivoli Directory Server Version 6.3, which provides an LDAP client and server infrastructure. Learn basic LDAP concepts, install the directory server, and configure directory server instances.
The professional training imparted here will include latest updates and industry related insights, which will the additional asset besides the professional accreditation.

Module List

  • Introduction to IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  • Introduction to LDAP
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Managing Directory Data
  • Security
  • SSL Planning
  • Distributed Directories
  • <
  • Performance
  • LDAP Database
  • Problem Determination
  • Directory Applications



    • IBM TSM Server Components Introduction 
    • IBM TSM Backup and Archive Functions and Features Introduction
    • IBM TSM Product Family Overview


    • TSM Installation and Configuration Steps 
    • TSM Backup-Archive Client Installation and Configuration
    • Steps Steps to do after installing and configuring TSM Server


    • TSM Server DB2 database and Recovery Log Overview 
    • Monitoring and Managing TSM Database and Recovery Log 
    • Taking TSM DB2 Database and Recovery Log Backup


    • TSM Server Storage Pools Introduction and Overview 
    • TSM Server Storage Pool Volumes Introduction and Functions
    • TSM Storage Device Classes Introduction


    • Migrating data from disk storage pool to tape storage pool Reclaiming Sequential Access Storage pools 
    • Collocating Client backup data in the storage pools 
    • TSM Data De-Duplication Introduction and Overview 
    • TSM Server Side De-duplication Introduction 
    • TSM Client Side De-Duplication Introduction 
    • Troubleshooting Tape Volume errors 


    • Overview of Tape Libraries in TSM 
    • Monitoring and managing Tape Volumes 
    • Using Virtual Tape Library for storing Client backups 


    • TSM Policy Management Introduction and Overview 
    • Policy Domain Configuration 
    • Backup and Archive Copy group configuration 
    • TSM Management Class Binding Overview 
    • Expiring Client Backup Files


    • TSM Backup-Archive Client Interfaces 
    • Managing TSM Client Access to the TSM Server 
    • Configuring TSM BA Client option files (dsm.opt & dsm.sys) Including & Excluding files from Client Backups 
    • Configuring TSM Client Options from TSM Server 
    • TSM BA Client Log Files Overview 
    • Securing Client Backup data with Encryption

    • Protecting Primary Storage Pools with Copy Storage Pools 
    • Protecting Primary Storage Pools with Active-data Storage Pools Simultaneously taking client backup to multiple storage pools Protecting TSM Server Important Configuration Files 
    • Protecting TSM Server DB2 Database 
    • How to restore Storage pool and storage pool volumes 
    • Restoring or Recovering TSM Database


    • TSM Central Schedules Overview 
    • TSM Client Schedules Introduction 
    • Client Schedule Modes Overview 
    • Additional TSM Client Schedules Options 
    • TSM Administrative Schedule Introduction and Configuration TSM library Introduction 
    • TSM Drive and Tape Introduction 
    • Toubleshoot of library issues

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


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