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It is a Business Intelligence platform for transforming the data into information. It allows you to analyze and utilize this data and make business-related decisions according to it. This isn’t any complex programming software, but simple easy to use software. QLIKVIEW training also teaches you creation of graphic and table to get a better overview of the data that can be exported to other programs. Master the art of analyzing information through simple clicks and taps. Learn to increase user network by learning real-time Qlikview tools. Besides, don’t miss free mock interviews that are going to help you with Qlikview placements.

QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. More and more organizations are enabling their users to easily consolidate, search and visually analyze all their data for unmatched business insights for effective decision making with QlikView. There are three types of real-time QlikView training & placements courses available QlikView Designer, QlikView Developer and QlikView Administrator. Most of the QlikView training courses are based on the popular and acclaimed book “QlikView 11 for Developers.

Module List

  • Introduction
  • What is Business Intelligence?
  • Data Warehouse Concepts
  • QLIKVIEW data structures:
  • Objects and Properties
  • Data Transformation
  • Advance Visualization techniques


    • An introduction to QlikView, Data Sources & Data Modelling
    • QlikView environment
    • QlikView Development Methodologies
    • Building Dashboards
    • Scripting & Modelling Best Practices
    • Data Transformations & Advanced Expressions
    • Advanced Data Transformations, Set Analysis & Security
    • Reporting Bugs in QlikView

    • Business Analysts
    • QlikView Designers
    • Project Managers
    • QlikView Developers
    • QlikView End-Users

    None. Complete beginners to QlikView can attend this course.

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    • Dynamic BI Ecosystem
    • Data visualization
    • Interacting with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics
    • Searching across all data
    • Secure, real-time collaboration

    Enterprises of all sizes – large, mid-size and small



    • Enterprise Edition (EE) is available for customers looking to support a large number of users and integrate into enterprise environments
    • Small Business Edition (SBE) is designed to be used in smaller deployments
    • Information Access Server (IAS) is an edition of QlikView Server designed to power public Internet sites
    • QlikView Extranet Server (QES) is an edition of QlikView Server designed to extend QlikView functionality to external users via an extranet

    QlikView 11 brings new levels of capability and manageability to the QlikView Business Discovery platform and offers five value propositions:

    • Improve collaborative decision making with Social Business Discovery
    • Gain new insights into opportunities and threats and relative business performance with comparative analysis
    • Expand QlikView usage to additional devices, including smartphones, with mobile Business Discovery
    • Enable a broad spectrum of users to jointly develop QlikView apps with QlikView rapid analytic app platform capabilities
    • Improve the manageability and performance of QlikView with new enterprise platform capabilities.