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Angular JS is a very powerful JavaScript Framework. It is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. It extends HTML DOM with additional attributes and makes it more responsive to user actions.These training modules have been designed for software professionals who want to learn the basics of Angular JS and its programming concepts in simple and easy steps. This open-source JavaScript framework from Google Inc. is known for its ability to extend web pages to reside the application components inside HTML tags. AngularJS has excellent scope for its data binding ability and many other exclusive facilities. Become AngularJS Specialist with exclusive training lectures & placement assistance from the below leading institutes in the United States.

AngularJS course is an introductory online and classroom training for anyone who want to able to use AngularJS to make an end-to-end, working application. Hands-on course that focuses on teaching practical application of every theoretical concept taught in the training classes. It focuses on AngularJS 1.2-1.4 and prepares students for Angular 2.0. AngularJS training & certification course covers all the basics required to create testable MVC-style single-page applications. . If you are an absolute beginner with no prior knowledge of AngularJS, this is where you should start.

Module List

  • Introduction of Web Technology
  • First Steps
  • Exploring Data Types & Functions
  • Control Structures: Logical Expressions
  • Control Structures: Loops
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Debugging
  • HTML compilation and Angular Compilation
  • Actual Angular Topics


    • Introduction to AngularJS
    • First AngularJS Application
    • Single Page Applications
    • Controllers
    • Models
    • Views
    • Expressions
    • Filters
    • Scopes
    • Angular Forms
    • Ajax Data and Angular
    • Directives
    • Testing in Angular including Unit Testing and End-to-End Testing

    •  AngularJS
      • What is AngularJS?
      • What are the essentials in AngularJS?
      • Why do we need AngularJS?
      • Need for JavaScript
    • Basic concepts in JavaScript
      • Object Oriented Concepts in JavaScript
      • Scope of JavaScript
      • Functions in JavaScript
      • Parallel & Async
      • What are the design patterns in JavaScript?
    • Web Applications
      • What are web applications?
      • What is Single Page Application (SPA)?
      • What are the problems in developing Web applications and Single Page Applications?
      • Major difference between SPA (Single Page Applications) & Web applications
      • How to bind the web applications
      • Model View Controller (MVC)
      • Why MVC coding standard?
      • Frameworks available in AngularJS for MVC
    • Building Single Page Applications (SPA)
      • What are the building blocks available in AngularJS to build SPA?
      • SPA Templates
      • Directives in AngularJS
      • Live Data Binding Feature in AngularJS
      • What are the services available in AngualarJS?
      • Implementing MVC (Model, View & Controller) in SPA
      • Modules
    • Forms and Filters in AngularJS
      • What are forms?
      • What is ng-model directive in AngularJS?
      • How to use FormController?
      • How to use ngModelController?
      • Directives used for input
      • Customized validation techniques
      • What are Filters?
      • Syntax of Filters in AngularJS
      • Pre-defined AngularJS Filters and Custom Filters
    • AngularJS Architecture and Internals
      • The startup process in AngularJS
      • What is AngularJS Runtime environment?
      • Scope API (Application Programming Interface)
      • Injector and Template Services
      • Caching and Routing in AngularJS
    • AngularJS Routing & Navigation
      • Route Object and its service
      • The flow of Navigation in AngularJS
      • How to use $location service?
      • What is ng-view directive?
      • Broadcasted events in Routing
      • Promise & Resolving Options in routing
      • Assigning Route Changes and Cancelling Route Changes
    • Testing AngularJS Applications
      • What is Unit Testing?
      • Tools used for Unit Testing
      • What is an End-to-End Testing?
      • Tools for End-to-End Testing
    • Animations in AngularJS Applications
      • Animations with CSSStyles
      • Directives used to implement Animations
      • Animations with JavaScript
      • Animations in Customized Directives
    • Advanced Techniques in AngularJS
      • How to optimize the AngularJS applications?
      • Techniques to improve the performance of AngularJS applications
      • Advanced Debugging Techniques
      • What is Localization?
      • External modules in AngularJS

    Web designers and developer should attend the AngularJS training course. It is an excellent starting point for corporate teams and individuals to build on their knowledge of AngularJS

    Good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required quickly grasp the contents of this course.

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Storage Area Network

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    The key features of AngularJS are – Scope, Controller, Model, View, Services, Data Binding, Directives, Filters and Testable

    Like JavaScript, Angular expressions are code snippets that are usually placed in binding such as {{ expression }}

    The key difference between the JavaScript expressions and Angular expressions are:

    • In Angular, the expressions are evaluated against a scope object, while the Javascript expressions are evaluated against the global window.
    • In Angular expression evaluation is forgiving to null and undefined, while in Javascript undefined properties generates TypeError or ReferenceError.
    • Loops, conditionals or exceptions cannot be used in an angular expression
    • To format data before displaying it you can use filters in angular expression

    Scope refers to the application model. It can watch expressions and propagate events. It acts like glue between application controller and the view.

    In AngularJS, services are the singleton objects or functions that are used for carrying out specific tasks. It holds some business logic and these function can be called as controllers, directive, filters and so on.

    • Element directives
    • Attribute directives
    • CSS class directives
    • Comment directives

    ngJq, ngApp, ngHref, ngSrc, ngDisabled, ngChecked, ngValue, ngSelected etc.

    An injector is a service locator, used to retrieve object instances.


    By using ng-init directive