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The .NET Framework is a development and execution environment that allows different programming languages and libraries to work together seamlessly to create Windows-based applications that are easier to build, manage, deploy, and integrate with other networked systems. .NET remains one of the most sought after software development framework for its really fast, flexible and user-friendly IDE. Many leading software enterprises insist using .NET software development framework for developing secure and efficient applications. If you wish to learn how to use .NET framework for creating software apps, here is your ultimate destination. .NET is a web services strategy to link people, information, systems, & devices through software, changing it easier for operators to share and use their information between multiple websites, programs, and computers. In Visual Basic, operators can drag and relocate visual elements like windows, forms, and buttons then generate events and generates for those elements.

Module List

  • ASP.NET Introduction
  • ASP.NET Programming – Basics
  • ASP.NET Page Navigation Options
  • ASP.NET Programming – Server Controls
  • ASP.NET Programming – Validation Controls
  • ASP.NET Programming – Navigation Controls
  • ASP.NET Programming with ADO.NET
  • ADO.NET LINQ – Language Integrated Query
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework and Entity Data Model
  • ASP.NET Data Binding Controls
  • ASP.NET Configuration
  • ASP.NET Error Handling and Debugging
  • ASP.Net Web User Control
  • Working with Master Pages
  • Working with Themes and Skins
  • ASP.NET – State Management
  • ASP.NET Caching
  • ASP.NET Tracing
  • ASP.Net – SOAP & XML Web Services
  • Introduction to Security in ASP.NET
  • E-mail Server
  • Introduction to Mobile Programming
  • Globalization and Localization
  • Personalizing Using Web Parts
  • ASP.NET AJAX Extension
  • Crystal Reports & Microsoft Report Integration into ASP.NET Web Application
  • Deployment
  • ASP.NET MVC Framework Overview
  • ASP.NET New Features


    ASP .NET has the unbelievable feature of reducing the overall lines of code that are essential to develop huge applications.

    ASP supports Windows certification and it can keep the applications protected.

    The ASP .NET claims of early caching services, binding along with built-in optimization for high-quality presentation and superb implementation.

    VB .Net is a modern, simple, object-oriented computer programming language established by Microsoft to combine the control of .NET Framework and the joint language runtime with the output benefits that are the assurance of Visual Basic.

    C# .NET is an Object Focused on programming language. Objects are formed from Classes, which we have used many times. The Windows Form a Class by itself, and when we run our program, on that time we are creating objects like a Form object, a Textbox object, a button object etc. In this section, we can learn how to write our own Classes, and turn them in to Objects.

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


    There are more technical terms in these courses that you will learn in training session, among all here are some:

    • Learn to manage errors technically
    • Learn to design function forms, SEO responsive links, and tables
    • Learn to decrease load time with client and server sideways caching
    • Learn to protect your site by using access control systems

    • Reliable programming model
    • Basic development efforts
    • Direct support for security
    • Assemblies
    • Easy application deployment and maintenance

    The .NET platform includes the .NET framework and tools to build and operate services & clients. Thus integrated advance environment largely for .NET software called Visual Studio.

    Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET) and C# (pronounced "C sharp") are the two most common languages. These two are the most popular in .NET languages. C# and VB .NET are very much useful for programming and to control such as page events, arrays, variables, operators, functions, conditionals, and many more.

    One can build their own website using ASP .NET with the help of C# and VB .NET programming languages.