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Teradata is a fully flexible relational database management system produced by Teradata Corp. Teradata is a leading provider of powerful, enterprise big data analytics and services that include Data warehousing, Data Driven Marketing, BI and CRM. Data management becomes easy with the ability of Teradata queries to execute strategic business queries and to fetch data quickly and effectively. Use the exclusive Teradata courses from the listed institutes to enhance your ability to manage and utilize Teradata RDBMS. Each training course package is accompanied with job placement assistance in the US.

Teradata training course covers an overview of the Teradata database architecture as well as features and benefits of the product. It describes Teradata data distribution, access, storage and data protection methods, suite of complementary load, access, and management utilities and tools are also covered, as well as Teradata Terminology. Teradata online and instructor-led courses also offer practical, hands-on experience with retrieving and manipulating data with Teradata Structured Query Language (SQL) using both ANSI standard conventions and Teradata extensions to the language. Basics to advanced SQL concepts are covered in Teradata training classes.

Module List

  • Teradata Architecture and Components
  • Various Architecture
  • Data Recovery and Protection
  • Teradata Storage and Retrieval Architecture
  • Primary index
  • Teradata Indexes
  • Teradata SQI Reference
  • Teradata Functions and Operators
  • Teradata Transactions
  • Performance Tuning and Explain Utility
  • Joints & Unions
  • Teradata Basic Commands
  • Teradata objects
  • Teradata spaces
  • Load and Unload Utilities & Tools


  • What is Teradata
  • Overview Of Teradata
  • Data warehouse concepts

  • Teradata Architecture
  • SMP/MPP Architecture
  • AMP(Access Module Processing)
  • TDP(Teradata Directory Program)
  • CLI(Call Level Interface)
  • TPA(Trusted Parallel Application)

  • Locks RAID 1&RAID 5
  • Disk Arrays
  • Fall Back
  • Clique
  • AMP Clustering
  • Journaling
  • Answering various recovery questions

  • Primary / Secondary Index
  • Unique / Non Unique Index
  • Partitioned
  • Hash, Join, Value Ordered

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


Teradata Database provides the most flexible analytical engine in the most scalable and manageable database for your data warehouse.

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