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Siebel CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is a software program that helps a company with their CRM processes. Sales professionals are able to use Siebel applications to manage accounts and opportunities and review information about products, prices and competitors in the Market.
Siebel CRM training consists of completely hands-on and comprehensive courses that teach students everything about the Siebel CRM applications via online and classroom modules. You will be trained by only experienced professionals who are dedicated and committed to imparting the highest quality training. Participants have the flexibility to choose from a variety of Siebel CRM training programs such as morning batches, weekend batches, fast-track courses or online classes. On successful completion of the training course, you can avail the free placement assistance which includes guidance in resume building, interview preparation and profile marketing.

Module List

  • Foundations
  • Architecture and Installation:
  • Security
  • Exploring Siebel Applications
  • Configuration
  • Enterprise Integration Manager
  • Workflow manager
  • Deployment
  • Enterprise Application Integration:
  • e-Script
  • e-Roadmap methodology


  • Siebel Vertical Applications
  • Siebel Horizantal Applications
  • Siebel Core Modules
  • Types of User Interfaces in Siebel

  • General Architecture
  • High Level Architecture
  • Physical Architecture

  • Installation Prerequisites.
  • Windows server options and Siebel files download options
  • mount the installation virtual disk
  • Install Oracle database 11g on windows server 2008
  • verify database installation

  • Road-map For Developing Siebel Applications
  • CRM Implementation

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


Oracle Siebel CRM is the world's most complete customer relationship management solution. Siebel CRM is available in many different modifications tailored to the specific needs of specified industries and covering completely the management of the following processes: sales, service, contact center, marketing, customer loyalty management and partner management

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