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Oracle Application Framework (OA Framework or OAF) is a proprietary framework developed by Oracle Corporation for application development within the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). The framework is also available to customers for personalizations, customizations and custom-application development. Oracle Application Framework (OAF) is an architecture for creating web based front end pages and J2EE type of applications within the Oracle EBS ERP platform. In order to develop and maintain OAF functionality, Oracle's JDeveloper tool is used. OAF is based on J2EE technology called BC4J (Business Components for Java). As per the MVC architecture, in OAF, the XML Page forms the View, the JAVA based controller class forms the controller and the Application Module along with View Objects (VO) and Schema Objects (EO) forms the Model. Oracle Application Framework (OAF) is an architecture for creating web based front end pages and J2EE type of applications within the Oracle EBS ERP platform.

Module List

  • Introduction to Oracle Applications and OAF
  • J Developer Overview
  • Basics of the Model
  • Basics of the View
  • Debugging OA Framework Applications
  • OA Framework Event Flows
  • OA Framework Performance Tuning
  • Application Menus and Function Security
  • Naming Conventions and Standards
  • Error Handling
  • Implementing Business Logic
  • Partial Page Rendering
  • OA Framework State Management
  • OA Framework Extension
  • Implementing Internationalization
  • Deploying OA Framework Applications


    Oracle Application Framework is a proprietary framework developed for application development within the Oracle E-Business Suite. This module describes OAF process flow, OAF and MVC.

    • Oracle Applications Framework
    • OAF and MVC
    • OAF Process Flow
    • More about OAF
    • Advantages of OAF.
    • Difference between OAF/Oracle Forms.
    • Difference between OAF/ADF.
    • Prerequisites for learning OAF.
    • Roles and Responsibilities in OAF


    • Overview of the Model.
    • Overview of the View.
    • Overview of the Controller.
    • Onion Structure.
    • BC4J File structure.

    • Class and Objects.
    • Methods.
    • Java Data types.
    • Using Java syntax in OAF.

    • Create a Simple page.
    • Create Regions and Items page.
    • Display Exceptions page.
    • Swapping the value from one field to another field.
    • Display images on the Page.
    • Create Automatic search by using query region with LOV Concept
    • Create Result Base Search by using the query region.
    • Create Manual Search.

    • Creating a Search page with validations.
    • Real time Create a page with validations.
    • Real time Master Details page.
    • Real time Update page.
    • Real Time Delete page.
    • Calling Oracle APIS in OAF page.
    • Calling SQL Statements in OAF Page.
    • Cascade Delete Example.
    • Dynamically display update page
    • Dynamically display details page.
    • Usage hash map and Serializations.
    • Display Dialog page.
    • Debugging OAF code.

    • Compare Two Dates.
    • Compare Two Numbers.
    • Partial Page Rendering (PPR).
    • Usage of SPEL.
    • Dependent LOV.
    • Dependent Pop list.
    • Dynamically Enable Disable fields/Buttons.
    • Dynamically Display Colors.
    • Restrict special characters in the field.
    • Display Upper case and Lower case letters.
    • Display Graph with calculations.
    • Dynamic calculations.
    • ID value storing.

    • Personalization Levels.
    • Create new items, dropping, required, rearranging, disabling.
    • Deleting personalization.
    • Disabling personalization.


    • Real-time scenario on VO Extension in I Supplier and I Procurements.
    • Real-time scenario on CO Extensions.
    • Example on AM Extension.
    • Example on EO Extension.
    • Debugging OAF code on the server.
    • Deleting the extensions.

    • Modifications on Buyers work order pages in I suppliers.
    • Modification on I Suppliers Registration page.
    • Creating new LOV in Seeded oracle I supplier page.
    • Creating a new pop list in Seeded oracle I procurement page.
    • Modifications on Payment Manager Enquiry in AP Module.
    • I Procurement Extensions for Non-Catalog Requisitions.
    • CRM Module Depot Repair Extension
    • Retail Marketing Activity Report OAF Page Development in Project
    • Accounting and AR Module

    • Deploy pages in oracle apps server by using XML importer script and register in Oracle Apps.
    • Deploy bc4j extensions in oracle apps server by jpx importer script.
    • Overview of MDS and JDR Utilities and tables

    Learn, the concepts of PPR, know how to build a page with PPR in OA Framework and also the usage of  Auto and Partial Submit..

    • Using Auto Submit
    • Using Partial Submit
    • Trigger and Target Components
    • Implementing Partial Page Rendering in OAF

    In this session, we will discuss what happens when OAF page is opened in the browser and how the session is maintained etc..

    • OA Framework State Caches
    • OAF Passivation
    • “Back” button support

    • Display Flex Fields(DFF and KFF).
    • Real Time Example on Train Region.
    • Real Time Example on HGrid.
    • Real Time Example on Switcher.
    • Real Time Example on Subtabs.
    • Calling XML/BI Publisher Report from OAF page.


    In this module, we’ll let you know how to improve the OAF Performance Tuning using BC4J, SQL Tracing, OAF performance Standards, Monitor Connection Pool in OAF.

    • BC4J and JDBC Guidelines
    • SQL Tracing
    • Monitor Connection Pool in OAF
    • OAF Performance Standards

    • Understand how to register functions for OAF pages, Creating an user and assigning responsibility for the users using JSP test page in this module..
    • OAF page menus
    • Registering functions for OAF pages
    • Creating Responsibilities and Users
    • Using JSP test page

    Learn how to implement internationalization in OAF.

    • Date and Time zone Internationalization
    • Number and Currency Internationalization in OAF
    • Testing Internationalization in OAF

    By the end of this module, you'll know  how to create deployment profiles, Deploying view and controller in OAF..

    • Creating Deployment Profiles in OAF
    • Deploying Model for OAF
    • Deploying View and Controller

Training Advantages
35 contact hours
Industry Case Studies
Industry case studies
Real time training


Most developers don't have a lot of respect for the certifications and they may not help you get a job. I would try and do a test exam and see how well you do. If you get a really great score then you might not learn much from the certification. ... I feel like it was a good step on the path to becoming a Java developer.

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